Integrated Annual Report 2014


Objective [icon]ObjectiveObjective [icon]Key performance indicatorPerformance [icon]Performance

Improve safety, operational focus and productivity

Fatal injury frequency rate
0.12 (2013: 0.10)
Lost time injury frequency rate
5.87 (2013: 6.13)
Integration and restructuring of Cooke acquisition
(2013: Implementation of new operating model and organisational structure)
Operating margin
34% (2013: 38%)

Arrest declining production profile

Total milled
18.24Mt (2013: 13.62Mt)
Gold produced
49,432kg (1.59Moz) (2013: 44,474kg; 1.43Moz)

Reverse increasing cost trends, reduce paylimits and increase margins

Operating cost
R785/t (US$73/t) (2013: R879/t; US$92/t)
Total cash cost
R295,246/kg (US$849/oz) (2013: R273,281/kg; US$885/oz)
All-in cost
R375,854kg (US$1,080/oz) (2013: R354,376/kg; US$1,148/oz)
All-in sustaining cost
R372,492/kg (US$1,071/oz) (2013: R354,376/kg; US$1,148/oz)
All-in cost margin
15% (2013: 18%)

Optimise capital and increase flexibility

Approximately R2 billion (excluding Burnstone) (2013: R2 billion)
Capital expenditure
R3,251 million (2013: R2,902 million)
Gold Mineral Resources
103.9Moz (2013: 128.7Moz restated)
Gold Mineral Reserves
28.4Moz (2013: 32.7Moz restated)
Uranium Mineral Resources
227.4Mlb (2013: 282.3Mlb restated)
Uranium Mineral Reserves
102.5Mlb (2013: 102.827Mlb restated)

Deliver value-accretive consolidation opportunities

Added value to extend the life of operations
Cooke acquisition (concluded)
Wits Gold acquisition (concluded)
Burnstone acquisition