Integrated Annual Report 2014

Natural capital

Land management, rehabilitation and closure

Sibanye owns approximately 50,316ha of land – 17,359ha has been disturbed by mining and processing activities.

Land management (ha)
  2014* 2013 2012
Total land under management50,31636,69036,690
Land disturbed by mining and related activities during the period
Cumulative total of land disturbed by mining and related activities17,3597,4497,449
Land rehabilitated during the period to agreed land use
Cumulative total of land rehabilitated

* Including Cooke

We are in different phases of developing biodiversity action plans (BAPs) for all our operations. Driefontein’s BAPs have been completed and implemented while assessments were finalised at Kloof and Cooke 4 in 2014. This process is subject to stakeholder engagement to ensure that the BAPs are aligned not only with our vision but those of the local communities and government. The Beatrix assessment is scheduled for 2015 and its BAPs are due to be finalised in 2016.

Based on the outcome of the land use survey conducted in 2013, which indicated that landowners wanted to continue agricultural activities in future, we embarked on a study to determine the land capability of the Kloof and Driefontein properties in 2014.

The outcome of this study will determine the expansion of local economic development projects with a view to optimising the use of available land.

As sustainable development and land management are closely related, alien vegetation is removed through local economic development projects at Kloof and Driefontein. This intervention will be rolled out across the Group in 2015.

At Kloof, an old training centre and a ventilation shaft were demolished and the area was rehabilitated, while a pilot agricultural project successfully completed its second season when soya beans and maize were planted. A portion of the harvest from this medium-term (three to five years) project to rehabilitate the land to optimal agricultural potential is donated to the local community. In 2014, five tons of maize meal were received by a local school’s feeding scheme.

Sibanye’s closure plans remain interim measures with focus on developing demolition/ closure plans for areas identified for rehabilitation. Our closure liability is assessed annually by a recognised independent consultant. All additions and rehabilitation, new innovations and changes in legislation are taken into account during the assessment. It is fully funded by a combination of payments into trust funds and insurance guarantees.

Closure liability and associated financial provision for 2014 (Rm)
  Beatrix Burnstone Cooke Driefontein Kloof Total
Closure liability as at 31 December 2014      
Closure costs (unscheduled)547938721,1269113,549
Total funded (fund and guarantees) as at 31 December 2014      
Environmental Rehabilitation Obligation Funds341333507746952,193