Integrated Annual Report 2014

Human capital


For Sibanye, human capital refers to its employees and their health and well-being, knowledge, skills, ability to innovate, motivation and capacity for relationships within the Group.

It is Sibanye’s objective to have motivated and competent employees so that we can achieve the Group’s business and operational goals, and make a positive contribution to the quality of life of our employees.

What we mean...

Our CARE values (Commitment, Accountability, Respect and Enabling) support safe delivery and enable growth, underpin the business strategy, promote competitiveness and success, and are upheld by continuous communication, transformation, education and training.
Our care values

The roots of our business are in our CARE culture and our values which provide a solid base for our business while the trunk of our tree is our material strength that holds Sibanye together (our intellectual capital and the support provided by our employees in upholding our operating model and business strategy), which is underpinned by the fundamentals of safety, health and well-being, costs, grade and volume. The leaves on the branches represent our stakeholders. The seeds and fruits represent the benefits that our success brings to all stakeholders. Our tree is inspired by the indigenous South African Umdoni (Syzygium cordatum) which produces edible fruit and durable wood.