Sustainability strategy


In response to the risks and material issues identified and in line with Sibanye’s approach to the Strong Sustainability Model, the corporate-level Sustainable Development team and other critical departments have entered into service level agreements with the operations to deliver coherent strategies and approaches. Three strategic imperatives have been identified and associated strategies have been developed.

Maintaining the Group’s licence to operate

Maintaining the Group’s licence to operate

  • Management assurance to stakeholders
  • Environmental scanning and analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Corporate resilience: assurance of data and compliance – SLP, Environmental Management Programme (EMP) and Mining Charter
  • Business enabler
  • Performance monitoring/flagging and evaluation

Developing and preserving the Group’s reputation and growing its brand equity

Strategy: Brand reputation

  • Relationship management
  • Reputation management
  • External sustainability communication
  • Key communication relationships
  • Mapping and analysis of audiences/stakeholders
  • External stakeholder management
  • Engagement and public participation
  • Brand tracking (impact measurement and evaluation)
  • Corporate social investment (CSI) and sustainability reporting
  • Fostering strategic partnerships

Achieving closure
without liability

Strategy: Closure and rehabilitation

  • Driving transformation
  • Sustainability risk management
  • Sustainability project governance
  • Due diligence